massage therapist during session with man on table

Cervical Disk Herniation Case


A massage therapist in her late 20s presented with left-sided neck pain and numbness down parts of her left arm and fingers. She also had burning pain on the border of her left scapula. She said she woke up ...

Man waxing his car

Lumbar Disk Herniation Case


A man in his early 60s presented with intense lower back pain. He is very active, health conscious, and participates in racing cars and flying planes. About 5 years prior he was diagnosed with a herniated disk at L4-L5 ...

mom gardening with her daughter in lap

Lumbar Disk Extrusion Case


A woman in her mid-30s presented with excruciating pain in her lower back and numb-achy pain down her entire leg and into her foot. She could not stand straight and was unable to get on and off the bed ...

Mom holding blocks that spell out BOY

Male Infertility Case


A woman in her early 20s presented for difficulty getting pregnant. She and her husband had not been using protection since they were married 2 years prior, but they never became pregnant. She had regular menstruation cycles, however, her ...

woman holding her belly during maternity photoshoot

Female Infertility Case


A woman in her early 30s came to the clinic with infertility. She and her husband have been trying to 3 years to conceive. She brought her lab work and her husband’s sperm analysis. The sperm analysis was normal while ...

man swinging golf club

Seasonal Allergies Case


A man in his late 30’s presented with seasonal allergies and frequent sinus infections since he moved to Arizona from Oregon.  He is an avid golfer and biker and loves outdoor activities, however, early Spring and early Fall, he has ...

man hiking with his wife

Allergic Asthma & Chronic Sinusitis


A man in his late 40s presented with a long history of asthma. His asthma got worse after he moved to Arizona from the East coast. His Allergist thinks his asthma had become unregulated by being exposed to new ...

man lifting his toddler son in the air and looking up at him

Whiplash Case


Man in his early 40s presented for upper back and neck (particularly along the sides of the neck) that has persisted since being involved in a fender bender 1 year prior.  During that year, he tried chiropractic, massage, physical ...

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