Rejuvenate your skin without painful surgery or the injection of synthetic substances. Microneedling treatment in Gilbert, AZ can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten and lift the skin. Schedule your appointment today and let Mend help you feel and look healthier and happier.

Before and After results of microneedling at Mend

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. Just like acupuncture, it is a safe, natural, effective, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to help reverse the hands of time!

The obvious benefits include having softer, firmer skin; reduction in deeper wrinkles; possible elimination of finer wrinkles; and brightening of dark spots or hyperpigmentation. We can even treat scars (surgical or acne) and stretch marks. As part of your session, you will also have a few body acupuncture points done to further enhance your results and treat your whole body.

During your microneedling treatment, micro-punctures in the skin are created which trigger your body’s natural healing abilities by causing various proteins, potassium, fibroblasts, and other growth factors to converge on the site of the “micro-injury.” This process results in rapid collagen production – the youthful, stretching components of the skin. As collagen production increases, it causes your skin to plump and thicken. The results are a reduction in the appearance of scars, fine lines, and other skin improvements.

This treatment goes well beyond exfoliation, without the concern of heat or chemical damage, and the extensive downtime that goes along with those types of procedures.

What You Can Expect During Treatment

While your appointment with us at Mend will be 60 minutes long, we will start with about 25 minutes of prescription numbing cream application. This will allow us to discuss your aftercare and future face care regimen and any questions you have. You will also get a few body acupuncture points to treat your whole body and minimize downtime.

After which, we will cleanse and examine your skin before performing the procedure using a top-of-the-line medical device under sterile conditions. The microneedling procedure, itself, will take about 20-30 minutes. You will leave with hydrating serums on your skin, so you will not just look rosy, but also a bit shiny. You can always dab some off 30 minutes later if you prefer, or, for best results, just let your skin soak it up for hours!

Then comes after treatment. Here is what you can expect the day of treatment, the next day, and then day three and beyond.

Dr. West using dermapen on face

1. The Day of Treatment

Your skin may appear pink to red depending on the length of treatment and depth of the needles used. It is important to avoid the sun. You will mist your face with a hydrating serum every few hours. Let your skin soak it all up!

2. The Next Day

Skin may appear to have anywhere from a flushed “glow” to that of a moderate sunburn. Some minor swelling may be noticeable, and your skin may feel drier or tighter than normal. Keep misting your face with a hydrating serum every few hours.

3. Day Three and Beyond

Your skin will have mostly returned to its normal color or appear slightly pink. Swelling will have subsided. Your skin will continue to improve in the weeks following the treatment. You may go back to your regular skin care regimen or the new regimen we create for you to help you with your long-term goals. It is vital to us that we make sure you are preventing and treating your skin with clean and safe products.

Microneedling Treatment FAQs

Do you have questions about this skin treatment? We have answers. Here are answers to some microneedling treatment frequently asked questions.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, there is no risk of heat or chemical damage with microneedling.  No injections of toxins. Shorter downtime. Safer. Also, at Mend, we will be stimulating your whole body’s healing with the body acupuncture included.

To stop or turn back the clock, you will need a series of 6 monthly treatments. Scar and hair treatments are also 6 monthly treatments. A single session may be performed 3-6 months later, or what we recommend for the area we are treating.

When you get your microneedling treatment with us at Mend, aftercare products are included. These are products that have been tested and proven effective with the MDPen microneedling procedure.

Get the most out of your microneedling treatments by letting us help you discover the best options for your skin and goals. The use of MDPen botanical and medical-grade products will help:

  •  Increase blood circulation
  •  Encourage cell regeneration
  •  Provide essential nutrients to the dermis or epidermis

Unfortunately, microneedling isn’t right for everyone. Please avoid this skin treatment if you are or have:

  • Immunocompromised (Cancer, low white blood cells, anemia, Immunosuppressive meds)
  • Someone currently or recently taking steroids for infection
  • Viral or bacterial infections
  • Pregnant
  • Eczema or Psoriasis over affected treatment area
  • Pustule or Nodule Rosacea (If mild non-pustule type or simple flushing type, you are fine)
  • Patients that keloid every time they scar
  • Pustule acne (If minimal, flat, or previous breakout residual, you are fine)
  • Taking strong blood thinners (Coumadin/Warfarin)
  • Insulin-Dependent Diabetics
  • Allergic to lidocaine

Ready for Your Microneedling Treatment at Mend?

The search for “microneedling near me” is over – Mend Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona, is here to help. After all, who better to microneedle you than a master of needles – acupuncturists! Plus, we will be using some acupuncture body points to enhance results, minimize downtime, and treat your whole body at the same time. We can’t wait to watch your skin get healthier before our eyes! Contact us at (480) 788-1757 or schedule your appointment online today.

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