Spring is a wonderful time of year.  You can see growth all around and you may even feel the drive inside to start a new project or try something new.  It is the same energy and strength of the blade of grass that creeps up through a crack in the cement.  This is a great time to look into your health and consider making some changes.  Our bodies are coming out of the hibernating and storing season of Winter and eager to embrace health, growth, and abundance.


Tips for relieving seasonal sinus congestion:


1)  Leave your shoes at the door. This will minimize how much pollen you track indoors.

2)  Wash your hair before bed. Consider switching from your morning shower to prevent pollen getting on your pillow and bothering you throughout the night.

3)  Close up the house. Using the air conditioning and changing your filter monthly is a good idea.

4)  Use the “recirculate” option in the car. Keeping the windows closed and using “recirculating” instead of just using the vents.

5)  Adjust your indoor humidity level.  If spores from mold cause your allergies, aim for humidity level of <60%.  Consider buying a digital thermometer with a humidity gauge.  You may need a dehumidifier to get to a level <50%.  If your house is two levels, place the dehumidifier on the main living level of the house.

6)  Use a neti pot daily.  This helps keep your sinuses clear and open to breathe easier.



Cupping is a great way to help kick-start your metabolism, detox, and move those stiff muscles.  This “reverse massage” can be added to any acupuncture treatment for a powerhouse of benefits.  Cupping is used for lung congestion, arthritis and general inflammation, stress, anxiety or depression, migraines, back and neck pain, increase metabolism and energy.



Erin West is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist in Gilbert, Arizona specializing in pain and infertility. She loves sharing her passion for natural approaches to women’s health through her online articles and at her clinic, Mend Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, at Sage Health Point on Lindsay Road. Call for an appointment at 480-788-1757.