Moxibustion and Infrared Heat Therapy


What is Moxibustion Therapy?

Moxibustion (or Moxa) is a herb also known as Mugwart.  This therapy uses the heat from the burning dried mugwart herb to increase circulation to the local tissues.  There are numerous studies demonstrating moxa helps reduce chemotherapy side effects, correct breech presentation (gestational), rheumatoid arthritis, and senility.  Moxibustion therapy has also been studied for the treatment of pain, cancer symptoms, stroke, ulcerative colitis, constipation, and hypertension.

In our clinic we use a strong moxibustion herbal tincture that is applied to the skin where infrared therapy will take place. This is a great way to combine the benefits of both forms of healing.

Infrared lamps are a medical device that promotes faster healing by stimulating microcirculation, which delivers higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to injured cells while eliminating toxins and cellular waste.  Acupuncturists use this heat therapy to promote circulation and induce the smoother flow of blood in cases of muscle pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, headaches, and more.  For example, research shows a dramatic increase of blood flow to patients with peripheral neuropathy when used twice a week for 20-30 minutes.




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