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What is the importance of adjusting my lifestyle to help me achieve my health goals?

When I work with patients, I look at multiple aspects of their health, diet, and lifestyle to see if there is something they are doing, or not doing, that could be contributing to their symptoms.  As humans we need proper rest.  In fact, the reason we need to sleep is because we release growth hormone (GH) during rest, which is important for our bodily functions and daily recovery.  Unfortunately, we are a culture of “go, go, go”, which leaves our reserves depleted and our healing ability diminished.  There is much more involved in what our body needs to heal, but it begins with proper sleep.

Stress causes dis-ease in the body and changes our chemical make-up.  When we look at our lifestyle or how we handle what we have to do, we can often see a connection with the signals of imbalance our body’s give us.  When it comes to healing ourselves or correcting how the body functions, we need to rely on the guidance of health care professionals to direct us to the tools we need.  This is very empowering!  It is not just what happens in the treatment room.  It is my mission to spark that fire inside you to really take care of your body and learn to listen to your body and what it needs.

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